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What is Tropic Nourish™ ?

What is Tropic Nourish™ ?

Easy-to-Use Organics

Nature's Force Tropic NourishTM
is an Organic Bio-Nutrient Grow Medium. It has been designed to provide dozens of beneficial microbes activating their colonization with a balanced organic nutrition. This initiates bio-nutient cycling within the soil as the root system establishes its relationship with mycorrhizae fungi. An activated container soil medium, Tropic NourishTM offers the tools required by the plant for growth and vitality for up to 8 weeks.

  • Organic (all components within meet or exceed the certification standards for NOP, OMRI, Oregon Tilth, and the NON-GMO Verification Program)
  • No Fillers
  • Easy-to-Use all in one Vegetation Cycle formulation
  • Follow-up topdress with Nature's Force Flourish for flower & fruiting
Quality Coco
  • RHP Certified Coco to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Coco is harvested at specific age and ripeness.
  • Coco is processed following a strict rule book to guarantee a constant quality.
  • Coco is triple washed.
  • Coco is aged and humidity controlled.
  • Coco is expertly screened for consistency.
  • Coco is Lab tested.
  • Coco has an optimum water uptake due to the quality of the pith.
  • Our Coco acts as a natural wetting agent by absorbing water into the particles.
Easy-To-Use (ETU)
Nature's Force Tropic Nourish™ was developed as a sustainable solution for those licensed with the freedom and desire to cultivate their own cannabis! A
licensed patient, or even a licensed dispensary or producer should be provided a consistent and simple Easy-To-Use (ETU) program. NFO™ understands the maintenance challenges that come with cultivating this special crop. This is even more challenging for the chronically ill. Our foundational product for this crop does not require difficult calibration of additional inputs that include potential margins of error on feeding formulations and schedules. Tropic Nourish™ contains all the tools to establish a proper soil ecosystem that cannabis plants require during Vegetation Cycle. Your confidence will come from the simplicity of adding water, watch it grow, and eliminate much of the frustration associated with the learning curve many growers experience. Saving time, money, and stress is beneficial to the patient or any operation. Stepping back and allowing Nature's Forces to do the work for you is the way growing was intended and truly the healthiest approach.

Establish An Efficient Operation
Nature's Force Organics™ approach provides tangible advantages to patients, yet it furnishes similar benefits to professional and licensed commercial producers. With all the rules, regulations, and policies required by each state's program, the retail section or "front of the house" has detailed obligations that must be addressed daily. Failure to do so could be costly... So why create the same dynamic in the grow facility? To rely on a grow medium that minimizes the chances of error, labor, time, and input costs is invaluable for any sized operation. When a high-value medicinal crop is so important to so many, a sustainable, live, Easy-To-Use soil will go a long way in consideration. Patients & producers alike know that Tropic Nourish™ builds the foundation for quality medicine development.

Increased Plant Health & Vitality
BeforeLike the stomach for humans, a plant's stomach is the soil. By Regeneration of Soil Productivity™, science has determined soil productivity brings forth balance within the soil through the breakdown, release, and cycling of nutrients. From the activation of the Soil Food Web (soil microbial ecosystem) a sizable reduction in susceptibility from disease occurs because nutrient deficiencies are minimized. Tropic Nourish™ provides a balanced nutrition that spurs the propagation and colonization of multiple species of Mycorrhizae fungi and the helper beneficial microbes within. When Mycorrhizae fungi are inoculated into the root system, their marriage to the plant boosts its immune system from maximum assimilation of nutrients and is the first line of defense against disease. Along with the many other benefits these microbes provide plant health and vitality maintaining it through to harvest.

Foundation for Higher Quality Medicine
BeforeTropic Nourish's™ development was established with providing a sustainable, organic, NON-GMO, and biological grow medium with the intention of assisting growers to produce the best quality medicine. Tropic Nourish™ provides the cannabis plant the ability to grow in the manner Nature intended without chemical "steroids" so the plant develops into the healthiest possible version of itself. Because of the hand picked and analyzed constituents this soil medium is the healthy alternative lacking contaminant or harmful substances. With recent analytical events in the news Tropic Nourish™ is the safest alternative available for the patient or licensed producer.

Tropic Nourish™ meets or exceeds the certification standards of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), Oregon
Tilth, and OMRI. It is also a low risk candidate of the NON-GMO Verification Program. We take great steps to ensure we are providing the highest quality product available. (certifications pending)
The building blocks a living soil, cycling nutrients at a high rate such as Tropic Nourish™ provides, the plant will acquire the foundation it needs to develop high quality, nutrient dense fruit. Tropic Nourish™ provides this foundation through the Vegetation Cycle up to 8 weeks. As the plant is transitioned into the Flower Cycle we recommend using our NEW flower package Nature's Force Flourish™ to provide all the Bio-Nutrients required for the development of the highest quality medicine come harvest.   

Taste & Aroma
It has been well documented that chemically fed fruits and vegetables lack the abundance of scent and flavor. The same goes for cannabis and it doesn’t take a skilled palate to taste the difference. Natural ecosystems in growing develop all facets of growth, including the development of Terpenes and Terpenoids, which are the compounds responsible for flavor and aroma. Producing the most aromatic, complex and most flavorful cannabis is only possible with an Organic Bio-Nutrient soil. Science has found that the cycling of humic substances within the plants cell and body structures will assist the development of more flavorful fruit. Tropic Nourish™ assists in the plants cycling and assimilation of these important organic substances for yield quality.

Quality Benefits:

  • No risk of Heavy Metal contamination
  • Influences beneficial micro-organisms growth & colonization
  • Stimulates plant enzyme activity
  • Increases root oxygenation in soils
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Influences the buffering capabilities of soil
  • Retains organic & mineral micronutrients for plant growth
  • Contains Nature's natural chelating agents making minerals better available to plants
  • Maintains a high Cation Exchange Capacity or Nutrient Holding Capacity providing greater retention of nutrients.
  • Assists in water retention.
  • Contains Fossel Shell Flour known to repel insects.
Water Uptake:
  • 80 - 100% after initial 90 minutes
Air porosity versus Perlite:
Usually a perlite mix has an air porosity of 16-22%. Tropic NourishTM has 20% or more aeration porosity. This makes an ideal replacement for Perlite, for up to 9 month crops in any size pots.

Environment & Sustainability:
Our products are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Raw material is obtained from an abundant renewable resource of coconut. Sustainability is assured by obtaining raw material as a byproduct of the coconut industry and our environmentally safe production process. There is a new harvest of coconuts from the same tree every 3 to 4 months.


RHP Certified Coco peat, proprietary selection of non-toxic & non-GMO organic compounds offering amino acids, enzymes, and complex carbohydrates, organic trace minerals, organic bio-stimulants, non-GMO bacteria, fungi, mycorrhizae, and food grade fossil shell flour (assists insect control).

Guaranteed Analysis:

Element Analysis Element Analysis
Nitrogen 0.39 % pH 6.3
Phosphorus 0.16 % Cation Exchange Capacity 304.4
Potassium 0.55 % Electrical Conductivity 0.74
Calcium 0.23 % Sodium 0.08 %
Magnesium 0.09 % Moisture 59.4 %
Iron 794 ppm Humic Acid 4.46 %
Manganese 22 ppm Sulfur 0.03 %
Zinc 9 ppm Molybdenum 1.57 ppm*
* all elements are substantially lower then EPA Limit guidelines.

Sizes Available:
  • 75 Liter Bag
  • 1 Cubic Yard Tote
  • 2 Cubic Yard Tote
Industry Use:
  • Container Growing
  • Legal Cannabis Cultivation
  • Specialty Crops

Notice: Buyer assumes all responsibility and risk of use, handling, and storage of this organic material. Neither the seller nor any agent(s) make any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning this product, except in conformity with the statements on the product label.

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