Soil Activator
Live Soil
Flower Activator
Fulvic Acid
Industry Uses:

Industry Uses:

  • Container Growing
  • Seeding (Hydroseeding & Drill)
  • Golf & Lawn
  • Garden
  • Landscape
  • Farming
  • Specialty Crops

A Nation that destroys its soils destroys itself."
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Which “Cide” are you on?

Crop management has become a game of taking cides!  Taking the herbicide to the crop to kill the weeds. Taking the fungicide to the crop to kill the fungus. Taking the insecticide to the crop to kill insects. Taking the algaecide to the ponds to kill the algae.

The use of cides is not natural.  “Cide” means killer. (–cide, from Latin cida meaning cutter or killer)

In a healthy, natural system weeds can be eliminated by competition or through soil fertility. For example at a golf course, that competition is between the turf and the other plants that are not wanted on the course.  But the competition goes much deeper.  In the soil, there is competition at a biological level that would make what we see at the surface of the soil seem like child’s play.  The biological system could be described as a struggle for nutrients.  Yet, a better description would look like this:

Healthy System:
A healthy system is one where cooperation is paramount and symbiosis is commonplace.

Components of a healthy system include:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Balanced, vibrant biology, free of pathogens
  • Energized living water
  • Sunlight
  • Protection from contamination

Sick System:
A sick system is one filled with chaos.  In a descriptive way, all of the players are taking “cides”.  They are fighting over the few scraps of nutrition that are available, because the basic biological system has collapsed.  But, why has the system collapsed?

There are many reasons.  For example, when a fungicide is used, it kills beneficial fungus as well as the undesirable fungus.   When other cides are used, they also throw the whole system into chaos leaving room for even more problems to be compounded.

Components of a sick system include:

  • Nutritional imbalance
  • A weak soil biology burdened by pathogens
  • Possibly contaminated water
  • “Cides” and chemical fertilizers

How do we meet the challenge?
All these problems seem to occur during a season, the real question is how do you avoid these problems? There are a lot of products which can be bought, but each one has a certain objective, our products combined as a program are aimed to tackle the problem before it has a chance to establish. This is achieved by being able to get the plant all the nourishment it needs by focusing on soil health.

Natures Force Organics™ technology focuses on regeneration of the basic components that all soils require in order to promote the formation of a balanced fertile soil ecosystem! Our program achieves this through some intelligently designed products based upon some very simple natural scientific principles. Our approach focuses on implementing a broad diversity of microbial colonization through the building blocks of all life for activation of nutrient cycling. The result culminating in the establishment of soil fertility for maximum production.



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